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New! Released: 2022
Best Practices in PETE/HETE
This document offers guidelines for preparing future professionals in health education and physical education regardless of the structure of the program or the degree level offered by the program. It includes evidence-based practices grounded in research and theory, with information that allows programs flexibility within their own context.
New! Released: 2022
Social Justice in PETE/HETE
Provides foundational information for PETE/HETE faculty to better understand why social justice is essential in the promotion of equitable health and physical education outcomes for all students. The document includes actionable items/practical examples at the program, instructor, student, and policy levels.
Released: 2019
Health Education Program Checklist
This guidance document is designed to help school administrators, principals, teachers of health education, and parents review their school health education program to ensure it addresses what SHAPE America has identified as the “essential components” of health education.
Released: 2019
Essential Components of Health Education
The Essential Components of Health Education guidance document outlines the essential components that provide the structure for an effective health education program, as well as evidence supporting why health education is a key element of a well-rounded education for all students.
New! Released: 2023
Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs: Opportunities and Access for All
In this position statement, SHAPE America recommends that all schools implement a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP). A CSPAP provides educators, administrators, and schools with the guidance they need to promote equitable and inclusive academic, social-emotional, and physical development for all students.
New! Released: 2023
Code of Ethics for Health Educators, Physical Educators, and Wellness Professionals
In this position statement, SHAPE America outlines principles for health education, physical education, and wellness professionals to achieve and maintain high ethical standards of competency of knowledge, skills, and integrity of practice.
Released: 2021
Sex Education Is a Critical Component of School Health Education
SHAPE America supports age- and developmentally appropriate sex education as a critical component for all K-12 students in the United States. Standards-based sex education should be skills-based and comprehensive in scope. It should use accurate information and be responsive and affirming to the culture, identities, and lived experiences of students, families, and the community.
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