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All Kids Bike
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Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix
Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix is a FREE underage drinking prevention program for kids ages 9-13 that includes lessons & videos that explores how alcohol affects their developing brains. Materials are available at asklistenlearn.org.
Candor Health Education
Providing puberty, sex education and substance abuse prevention programs to 4th-8th graders since 1974. We are trained to navigate these awkward conversations and empower young people to make informed decisions.
CATCH Global Foundation

CATCH Global Foundation ("CATCH") is a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower school communities to cultivate Whole Child wellness as a lever for social equity.

CATCH offers evidence-based and evidence-informed programs and professional development trainings across the United States for Health Education, Physical Education, Vaping Prevention, Social-Emotional Learning, and Whole Child wellness. CATCH programs work together to ensure educators are equipped with comprehensive resources and that every child's physical, mental, emotional, and social development is nurtured.

Health Ed Journeys is CATCH's comprehensive K-8 health education curriculum. Meeting national and state-level health standards, Health Ed Journeys is an expansion of CATCH's classic evidence-based health program, backed by over 120 peer-reviewed scientific articles. This program provides a 36-week scope and sequence for health education covering the topics of foundational Health Literacy, Nutrition & Physical Activity, Physical Health & Hygiene, Mental Health, Substance Misuse Prevention, and Injury & Violence Prevention & Safety.

CATCH PE Journeys is CATCH's evidence-based, developmentally appropriate K-8 physical education curriculum that teaches students physical literacy, movement skills, fitness, social-emotional learning, skill competency, and cognitive understanding about the importance of lifelong physical activity.

CATCH programming was scientifically developed using a proven formula for effective health education through the combination of knowledge, skill development, and environmental support as a means to promote students to develop healthy behaviors. When students engage in healthy decision-making, they are better prepared to reach their full potential.

To learn more about CATCH Global Foundation and our full scope of health programs and professional development trainings, please visit www.catch.org.

Chris Klug Foundation

Chris Klug Foundation (CKF) was founded in October 2003 by Olympic Bronze Medalist and liver transplant recipient Chris Klug. Chris was 21 years old when he discovered he needed a transplant. He then spent six years on the transplant waitlist before receiving his transplant. Just 18 months later, he won a Bronze Medal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. He started CKF to promote lifesaving organ, eye, and tissue donation and work to improve the quality of life for those touched by transplantation. CKF uses the stories of organ donors, transplant candidates, and transplant recipients to inspire, alongside events, school courses, and webinars to educate. All with the end goal of encouraging individuals to give the gift of life and register as organ donors.

The foundation has four courses; our free bilingual online curriculum is intended for health and physical education teachers, driver's education instructors, community outreach coordinators, and organ donation advocates. This straightforward, easy-to-use tool can be incorporated into various educational settings and shared with elementary school, middle school, and high school students. Our ultimate goal is to distribute this curriculum nationwide so that it may one day be used in every health education-based classroom in the country.

Teachers also have the opportunity to request items on loan while teaching the curriculum to help bring the course to life. For our younger students, this may include books, stuffed organs, interactive organ dolls, and more. For our older students, there are swag items, educational pamphlets, and a registration app to help them share their decisions. The CKF team will ship the tools and provide a return label to send them back.

The Daily Mile
Over 4 million children across the world rely on The Daily Mile as a whole child, every child holistic health tool. Taking place outdoors in the fresh air, teachers and their students enjoy a fun walk, jog, run or roll with no special equipment. Just 15 minutes at least three days per week has children and their teachers feeling physically, mentally, and socially healthier. Relationships flourish. Classroom management and academic performance improve. Teachers and students love their investment into The Daily Mile.
ETR — HealthSmart
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There’s nothing else quite like it. The EzyRoller is a cleverly designed toy that’s crazily simple to ride. Like a fish through water or a snake on land, EzyRoller mimics an instinctive reptilian movement. In seconds you’re away – sweeping and swerving, carving gracefully up and down the asphalt. Sitting low to the ground with hands free, it’s a riding experience like no other.

GagaXP is a portable, multifunctional gaga pit system created for PE teachers by PE teachers! By inserting our panel stands, it allows each panel to stand independently, lending its uses simply limited to your imagination!
the glowmedia project
Through films, Glowmedia educates youth, their families, and teachers in an effort to reduce stigma, correct misconceptions,, and reinforce the reality that mental health affects everyone. Our intent is help young people develop the emotional agility necessary to thrive in today's fast paced environment. The films are designed for use in both large group and classroom settings with accompanying guides to facilitate discussion.
For over 70 years, Gopher has been committed to serving physical education, athletics, and fitness professionals. We are here to help you achieve your program goals with quality equipment, exclusive professional resources, and more. We are proud to dedicate our efforts toward increasing physical activity!
health. moves. minds.®
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Join us as we build a kinder, healthier future for our nation's youth! Inspire healthy habits, fuel active minds, and teach kids to thrive physically and emotionally with this new service-learning program. Across the country, today's children and adolescents -- at all grade levels -- do not get enough physical activity, and are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. Understanding these challenges, promoting an active school environment, and teaching children how to cope with stress, bullying, and societal pressures can make all the difference. The health. moves. minds.™ program brings together the lessons, activities, and community-building ideas that can help kids live their best lives.
HPE Solutions LLC
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HPE Solutions LLC is a health and physical education consulting company providing workshops for teachers on a variety of meaningful and relevant professional topics including: Curriculum/Assessment, Skill-Based Health Education and Physical Literacy.

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KIDZ BOP is the #1 music brand for kids, featuring today's biggest global pop hits, "sung by kids for kids." Since its launch, the family-friendly music brand has sold more than 23 million albums and generated over 8 billion streams globally. KIDZ BOP connects with kids and families through its best-selling albums, music videos, consumer products and live tours. For more information, visit www.kidzbop.com
One Love Foundation
One Love Foundation is a national non-profit organization with the goal of ending relationship abuse and creating a world of healthier relationships. One Love provides free resources and trainings to bring life-saving prevention education to classrooms.
Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation
Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation developed and implements the in-school outdoor education curriculum, Outdoor Adventures, which is now in 1200+ schools in 48 states. This comprehensive standard aligned outdoor skills curriculum is accredited to be taught in any K-12 physical education course.
PHIT America Foundation

PHIT AMERICA, a non-profit charity, goes 'where all the kids are' and rebuilds physical education and physical activity programs in schools. We help schools receive free programs and sports equipment to get kids more active, healthier, smarter and happier.

Our lifetime sport programs, AMPED RUNNING/WALKING, PLAY TENNIS, PLAY PICKLEBALL and PLAY GOLF programs, improve children's physical and mental health and include curriculum and equipment including BILLIE JEAN KING’s SWEET SPOT TRAINING SYSTEM (ball striking curriculum and equipment).

Our goal is to create a national 'Movement' to greatly improve the physical and mental health of millions of children in the USA by providing all kids with increased physical activity in school-based programs.

50 million USA children or 90% of all children are not active to the CDC Physical Activity Standards.

USA Kids are ranked last in physical health among 38 'rich' countries in a survey by UNICEF.

USA kids are ranked 47th out of 50 countries in fitness. ¾ of all USA teens are not fit enough to join the military.

We are facing an 'Inactivity Pandemic' that has taken its toll on today’s youth especially as the school physical education programs, have been eliminated or cut dramatically. Today, the average budget for physical education for elementary schools is $462 per year.

To date, we have reached 850,000 PHIT KIDS in over 1500 schools nationwide. These kids are realizing the tremendous 12 benefits of physical activity, 'The Miracle Drug'. Active kids do better in school and have fewer mental health issues.

A trusted partner of more than 10,000 Phys Ed teachers across the country, PLT4M helps schools create, implement, and execute a fitness-focused curriculum that boosts student engagement, and produces real results.
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QuaverHealth•PE takes an innovative school-wide approach to Health and PE instruction. It’s easy to learn, ready to use, and seriously fun! From the QuaverEd curriculum family, this digital curriculum is standards-aligned and flexible for gyms and classrooms across the country. Educators can use interactive games, movement-based activities, and assessments to customize ready-made lessons and grow stronger bodies and minds.

In addition to ready-made lessons, teachers will find additional resources like; songs, activities, assessments, and more to reinforce concepts. Teachers can meet the needs of their individual classes by utilizing our customization tools. Our teachers are supported year-round through Professional Development and Training Opportunities, Implementation Services, and ongoing Customer Support.

School Health
School Health is a national, full-service provider of health supplies and services to professionals in educational settings from pre-school to college. For over 60 years, we have been advocates for the health and safety of students, staff, and their communities. We serve our customers by providing products and solutions that will help students stay healthy and succeed inside and outside the classroom. We provide products and services for school nurses, athletic trainers, special education professionals, early childhood educators, physical education teachers, school safety professionals and local recreation departments, community health providers, and emergency medical service professionals.
SPARK – the World’s Most Evidence-Based Physical Education & Physical Activity Programs!  SPARK provides teacher training (on-site & online), curriculum (aligned with National PE Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes) + the SPARK PE App, Gopher equipment and lifetime support — PreK through 12th grade, in and out of school & at-home + health education resources to support WSCC.
Spectrum 8 Sports

The Spectrum8 Assessment Platform offers innovative athletic and physical fitness outcomes within a visual content promoting inclusion, enthusiasm and context. Using an 8-color grading scale, the patent-pending Spectrum8 software and assessment program, S-8 can capture statistical information from every participant at all age levels and analyze demographic and performance data as the Spectrum 8 utilizes eight (8) physical performance tests measuring running, jumping, throwing, and agility. Spectrum8 is an original concept for evaluating physical fitness and athletic performance. The core of this new system is the use of a color scale rating system instead of our traditional forms of use of time and distance measurements. The color scale rating can be more meaningful, memorable, motivational…. Fun!

Because of the color scoring and visual design of the Spectrum8 challenges, everyone can instantaneously see the performance result of each participant in every event. The Spectrum 8 model competition offers a fresh approach where the students/ participants compete “with each other “ not “against other”.

TeamBuildr is the #1 wellness platform for high school coaches & PE teachers. Our software allows you to build workouts, view student activity, and track progress to help establish physical literacy and encourage participation.
United States Marine Corps

You don't join the Marines. You become one.

Ours is a noble path and demanding journey reserved for those with the willingness to engage and determination to defeat all mental, moral, and physical requirements to become Marines. In or out of uniform, it's the fighting spirit found inside every Marine that drives them to victory.

Even as our recruiting force faces the most challenging recruiting environment since the establishment of the all-volunteer force, we continue to demand this fighting spirit from all who wish to earn the title "Marine."

The United States Marine Corps recognizes the role of coaches, educators, mentors, and parents who inspire that fighting spirit, and we need your help in finding the future leaders of our force. Whether your interest lies in helping us identify high-achieving students and athletes or inviting us to help you motivate students and steer them toward success, we would like to get to know you.

To learn more about the United States Marine Corps click HERE.

U.S. Soccer Foundation
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United States Tennis Association
Whether you’re a PE teacher teaching tennis for the first time, or a veteran coach on court with middle and high school teams, the USTA has the resources and trainings you need to be successful both on and off the court. Visit usta.com/schools to request your FREE tennis equipment today!

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