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Featured Guidance Documents
New!  Released: 2021
Appropriate Instructional Practice Guidelines for Higher Education Physical Activity Programs, 3rd edition
Guides administrators, coordinators/directors, and faculty to offer developmentally appropriate and inclusive instructional physical activity programming at the college and university level.
Active Start: A Statement of Physical Activity Guidelines for Children From Birth to Age 5, 2nd Edition
Expanded edition, with more advice & practical suggestions for parents & caregivers than ever before. 
The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
The guidelines provide information concerning how much physical activity is appropriate for preadolescent children (ages 5 through 12).

Other Guidance Documents & Position Statements

The Difference Between Physical Education and Physical Activity

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Featured Position Statement
New! Released: 2023
Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs: Opportunities and Access for All
In this position statement, SHAPE America recommends that all schools implement a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP). A CSPAP provides educators, administrators, and schools with the guidance they need to promote equitable and inclusive academic, social-emotional, and physical development for all students.
New! Released: 2023
Code of Ethics for Health Educators, Physical Educators, and Wellness Professionals
In this position statement, SHAPE America outlines principles for health education, physical education, and wellness professionals to achieve and maintain high ethical standards of competency of knowledge, skills, and integrity of practice.
Released: 2021
Physical Activity Should Not Be Used as Punishment and/or Behavior Management
SHAPE America asserts the position that withholding physical activity (PA) and physical education (PE) as a form of punishment and/or behavior management is inappropriate. In addition, administering physical activity as punishment is inappropriate.