Plan Your School Fundraiser With

Celebratory Events & School-Wide Engagement Ideas

We're excited for health. moves. minds. launching this August. If you are planning for fundraising events next school year, you will want to be sure to add this service-learning program to your calendar! When participating in health. moves. minds., we recommended holding a celebratory event or engaging in school-wide activities. See below for some ideas on what you can do as well as pictures from the health. moves. minds. pilot schools and their events!

Mind & Body 30-Day Challenge

Follow a calendar with daily challenges around mindfulness, kindness, and physical activity.

Mindfulness Week

Encourage the entire school to incorporate mindfulness activities into classes throughout the week. Examples include:

  • Start each day with a school-wide minute of meditation.
  • Encourage all teachers to create a space in their classroom where students can take a mindfulness break by coloring, using a stress ball, doing a few stretching poses, following instructions for better breathing, etc.
  • Play calming music in each classroom during individual work time. Try this playlist.
  • Introduce stretching breaks to each class where teachers lead students in different poses.

No-Phone Day/Week

Students pledge to not use their cell phone on a day selected by the teacher/school — or to go “phone-free” for a certain number of hours each day during a specified week. The goal is to promote active engagement with family and friends. Check out our PA calendars to share physical activity ideas with your students and staff.

health. moves. minds. Family Night

Use the health. moves. minds. Station Cards to create an event where students and their families can participate in a variety of activities focused on mindfulness, kindness and physical activity.

Stress-Relief Dance-a-Thon

Host a dance-a-thon for students and the school community to promote physical activity through dance as a tool to relieve stress.

Zen Night

Host a family night where students and their families engage in
mindfulness activities such as meditation, Better Breathing, yoga, etc. while playing
calm music.

Kindness Week Challenge

Hold a school-wide challenge that encourages students to be kind to one another. Teachers will place a small token in the classroom’s “bucket” each time they notice a student being kind. The class with the most tokens is named the “Kindest Class in the School.” You can opt to do this without the competition piece.

Send a Kind Message Day

Students take time to write kind messages to other students, teachers, friends or family members. This can be a stand-alone activity or incorporated into another event.

Fun Walks or Fun Runs

A popular favorite any time of year!

Walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, jump-rope-a-thon, bowl-a-thons, skate-a-thons, hulahoop-a-thons

Physical activity is a stress reliever, no matter what the theme is!

Teacher-Student Competitions

Students love these!

Mindful Moment

Have the school staff and every student take a moment to decompress in the middle of the day.

Create a “Throw Kindness Like Confetti” Bulletin Board

Put up a bulletin board where most of the school can see it. (By the main entrance is a great place.) Have students share experiences with kindness on the bulletin board. Include the date/time of your celebratory event and any other information you think the school should know. When parents come into the school they will see the board and maybe even contribute a note!

“Kindness is Cool” Poster Contest

Have all students make a “Kindness is Cool” poster. Choose classroom winners in whichever way works best. Then, have parent/community volunteers choose the school’s top 3 posters from all the classroom winners. Or, just hang the “winning” poster from each class in a visible location.

Handmade Posters

Have students make special kindness/mindfulness and/or empowerment posters to place around the school or gym. These posters will be reminders to students to seek out donations for the school’s health. moves. minds.™ program.

Extra, Extra

Ask local stores and restaurants for extra prizes.

Join Forces

Use the PTA to your full advantage! Ask them how they think they can help and have a list of ideas ready.

Open House Night

Advertise the health. moves. minds. program at your school’s open house/back to school night at the beginning of the school year. Share information about mental wellness and the dates of your health. moves. minds. events.

Promote Service Learning at All Ages

Recruit high school students to help run activity stations at your health. moves. minds. event. This can become a service learning opportunity for the older students and a great way to extend health. moves. minds. lessons to the high school level.

PE Wish List

Formulate a wish list for equipment to purchase with funds from Gopher Sport.

Surprise, Surprise

Give out random prizes by drawing student names throughout your fundraising week/month and announce the winners on the daily announcements.