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Physical Best is a comprehensive health-related fitness education program developed by physical educators for physical educators that focuses on:
  • Educating all children regardless of athletic talent, physical and mental abilities or disabilities
  • Moving students from dependence to independence for their own fitness and health
  • Promoting regular, enjoyable physical activity
Workshop Descriptions
Physical Best Gets FITT (half day workshop)
An introduction to the Physical Best program and how the strategies employed can be used to teach health related fitness concepts in the physical education setting. You'll also learn how to adapt other activities to the Physical Best activity format.

Physical Best Gets SMART (half day workshop)
This goals and motivation workshop will provide teachers with knowledge, strategies and activities to assist students in making lifestyle changes and improving personal wellness. Topics covered include developing SMART goals, understanding behavior changes and examining motivational techniques. Participants will also gain hands on experience with Physical Best activities.

Physical Best Health Fitness Specialist (full day workshop)
A full day course with a focus on successful teaching strategies using the Physical Best program model. Certification provided upon successful completion of post-workshop exam (min. score 80%). Includes an overview of FitnessGram® assessment protocols and strategies for tracking data. You'll also find plenty of activities to help you integrate fitness education and assessment into your existing curriculum.


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