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March 15, 2023










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March Activity Calendars


Check out the latest health. moves. minds.® calendars for activities your students can do throughout the month. These new calendars include popular activities like Lava Game, Cha Cha Slide, Juggling Practice, and much more. Available for both elementary and secondary grade levels (in English and Spanish), these calendars are great to share with students and families!



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SHAPE America

Within physical education teacher education (PETE) programs and kinesiology-based higher education departments, individuals of Latin American origin are rare or underrepresented. This study was guided by the occupational socialization theory and focused on the phases of acculturation and professional socialization. Purposeful sampling was used to select one participant who was an immigrant Latino preservice PE teacher. Data collection included interviews, critical incident accounts, and artifacts.


Teach Kids to Ride Bikes


The All Kids Bike Kindergarten Learn-to-Ride Program is a fleet of 24 bikes, pedal conversion kits, helmets, one teacher instruction bike, and certified curriculum teacher training, which is everything needed to teach kids how to progress from balance to riding a bike in 8 lessons!


SHAPE America

We teach at the Ancona School, a small, progressive elementary school in the Hyde Park area of Chicago’s South Side. Each year, our school’s Gone Fishin’ trip combines physical education with outdoor recreation. However, while fishing provides a pretext for this annual outing, the real goal is to give students an immersive opportunity for exploration and skill development in a natural setting.


Gopher Equipment Checklist


Get a jump start on assessing your equipment back-to-school needs with this free equipment inventory checklist developed by Dr. Robert Pangrazi, author of Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary Students. Simply download as a printable PDF or digital interactive Google Sheet and make it your own!


SHAPE America

Help us create new National Physical Education Standards that meet the needs of every student by providing your feedback during this second round of Public Review and Comment (open through April 3). Now is the time to submit your comments on the , which were developed by the National Physical Education Standards Task Force.




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SHAPE America

The exhibit hall at this year’s National Convention & Expo features offering the latest products, supplies and resources for health and physical educators. It’s also where convention attendees will find new SHAPE America apparel and merchandise (at the SHAPE America Resource Center) and get the chance to win Door Prizes and play the #SHAPEseattle Scavenger Hunt Game!



National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week 2023

You and your students can participate in National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® (NDAFW)! The annual health observance inspires dialogue about the science of drug use and addiction among youth. NDAFW brings together scientists, students, educators, healthcare providers, and community partners to help advance the science and address youth drug and alcohol use in communities and nationwide. Get started today by checking out NIDA’s standards-mapped, skills-based lessons and activities to support planning an event to empower the teens and young adults in your community to make informed decisions about drugs and alcohol.

Peer to Peer


Health and physical educators across the country are sharing ideas, resources and more!


Check out the latest videos on our :


The following interviews were done by members of SHAPE America’s Recruitment and Retention Task Force as part of For the Love of HPE Week. The interviews serve to advocate for recruiting and retaining high-quality, school-based health and physical education professionals and programs — and to elevate the significance of partnering with those beyond the school building who can strengthen and support practicing teachers.

  • (Classroom Educators)
    Becki and Luisa talk about their backgrounds, community health, how SEL is infused in their classrooms, representation, and more!
  • (Physical Educator)
    Luis discusses his career, why inclusion is so important, how the community and other stakeholders can help children thrive today, the need for teacher self-care, and strategies to establish partnerships.
  • (Instructional Specialist)
    Ronny tells his unique story of going from the classroom (as a physical educator) to an instructional coach and then back into the classroom. He also discusses why partnerships inside and outside the school building matter, how his work as an instructional coach informs his role in the classroom, and more!
  • (Community College Professor)
    Chris Rhodes is a health and wellness instructor at Southern Union Community College. In this video, he talks about his role at his community college, his advice for four-year institutions, how EDI plays a part in recruitment efforts, and how PETE/HETE programs can strengthen recruitment efforts.

Podcast host Sean Nevills chats with one of the newest members of the SHAPE America team, Kaitlyn Gaddis-Thompson! They discuss her career, her role as SHAPE America Project Director for the National Initiative to Advance Health Equity in Schools, and more!



Qualitative Research and Evaluation Book Cover


Focusing on the unique nature of qualitative methods within kinesiology settings, Qualitative Research and Evaluation in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy guides graduate students and early career researchers through designing, conducting, and reporting of qualitative research studies with specific references to the challenges and possibilities of the field.


News Around the Nation


Vidette Online

The Student Fitness Center at Illinois State University was filled with the typical sight of students climbing the rock wall and playing basketball. However, they were not playing or participating in these activities in what many would consider the “typical” ways. Students were climbing blindfolded, sitting for a volleyball game, and playing basketball in wheelchairs — all as part of the School of Kinesiology and Recreation’s annual Adaptapalooza.



Nine years ago, when my oldest son was in kindergarten, his 6.5-hour school day included just 15 minutes of outdoor recess. That paltry interval was typical of our Minnesota public-school district. Worse, bad weather periodically meant that kids were kept inside to play, sometimes on screens. By first grade, our five-year-old, who was brimming with energy he should have burned through on the playground, started getting in trouble for wrestling his classmates. His punishment: staying inside during recess.


Vents Magazine

Over the years, I have had over 100 kickboxing fights at the national and international levels. Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in kinesiology and exercise science at UNC Greensboro. I have a strict schedule that allows me to dedicate specific time slots for both studying and training. For instance, the USA Kickboxing organization invited me to teach and analyze some U.S. national athletes’ work in late March 2023. Then, immediately I will fly to Seattle to attend the SHAPE America National Convention & Expo.



Preschool children who had high daily step counts and played sports had less days with symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections than kids with less daily steps and no sport involvement, according to a study in Pediatric Research, which stated: “The recently observed displacement from a physically active lifestyle and the refrainment from a natural outdoor environment in all segments of the human population, even among the youngest of children, has led to a sedentary indoor lifestyle … and may be reflected in chronic diseases that are endemic to our culture.”

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