SHAPE America State Affiliate Advisory Council

The SHAPE America State Affiliate Advisory Council acts as an advisory body to support broad collaboration, connection, and communication between SHAPE America state affiliates, both with each other and with SHAPE America.

The council provides input to the SHAPE America Board of Directors and national staff about all issues related to SHAPE America state affiliates and members, including ideas to help promote strong, inclusive leadership.

About the Council

The SHAPE America State Affiliate Advisory Council is composed of 15 members, which includes:

  • Five SHAPE America District Directors — with ongoing terms;
  • Five Current State Executive Directors — one from each of the five SHAPE America districts, to serve two-year terms (they will each strive to represent the views of other state leaders within their district through ongoing communication);
  • Three At-Large Members — must be current SHAPE America members with proven affiliate experience and knowledge, to serve two-year terms;
  • Two SHAPE America Board Leaders — includes the CEO (with an ongoing term) and an additional member of the SHAPE America Executive Committee (to rotate as appropriate).

The council will strive to model and promote diverse leadership within the SHAPE America state affiliate community.

The Council in Action

Council members will identify and engage in efforts to build a strong, sustainable state affiliate leadership network to better serve members and the profession. They will:

  • Work together to regularly update (every 7-10 years) the agreement that defines the relationship between SHAPE America and state affiliates;
  • Help plan and implement the annual SHAPE America Leadership Summit;
  • Help plan and implement the Leadership Conversations Continued (LCC) series;
  • Help identify and implement opportunities for state affiliate leaders to connect and collaborate with one another;
  • Provide regular feedback to SHAPE America on issues that strengthen the relationship between state affiliates and the national organization — and among the state affiliate organizations.

To learn more about the SHAPE America State Affiliate Advisory Council, contact council co-chairs Megan McCollom ([email protected]) and Mario Reyna ([email protected]).

Megan McCollom (co-chair), District Director, SHAPE America Central District

Mario Reyna (co-chair), District Director, SHAPE America Southern District

Andro Barnett, Past President, SHAPE America Midwest District

Sarah Benes, SHAPE America President

Mark Foellmer, District Director, SHAPE America Midwest District

Joel Frye, District Director, SHAPE America Eastern District

Brian Griffith, Executive Director, SHAPE Maryland

Tom Hanley, Executive Director, Indiana SHAPE

Amy Heuer, Executive Director, North Dakota SHAPE

Mitch Mathis, Executive Director, SHAPE Arkansas

Stephanie Morris, SHAPE America CEO

Ann Paulls-Neal, Executive Director, SHAPE New Mexico

Keri Schoeff, District Director, SHAPE America Western District

Kimberly Shepherd, President, SHAPE Nevada

Jenny Smith Wittrock, President, SHAPE Iowa

Inside SHAPE America Districts

All SHAPE America members belong to one of five districts. Getting involved at the district level can help you meet other health and physical educators in your region while developing leadership skills and serving the profession. LEARN MORE >>