Other Volunteer Opportunities

SHAPE America offers volunteer opportunities on special projects, teams, and tasks forces. Currently, the following teams, and task forces are active:

Emerging Leaders Innovation Team

Provides emerging leaders an opportunity to contribute as volunteer leaders to the health and physical education community. They also help develop content (such as blogs, podcasts, and other resources), engage at conferences, or SHAPE sponsored events, and contribute in other meaningful ways to the development of SHAPE America’s professional development offerings.

National Health Education Standards Task Force

The National Health Education Standards Task Force is in the beginning stages of revising the National Health Education Standards (NHES). SHAPE America acquired the copyright to the NHES from the American Cancer Society in late 2020.

National Physical Education Standards Task Force

The National Physical Education Standards Task Force has been specifically interested in gaining the perspective of PETE faculty/professors, preK-12 practitioners, and preK-12 students through the use of town halls and surveys. Additionally, the task force is focusing on the purpose/goal/key concepts of physical education, now and in the future.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) give members with similar interests and/or professional specialties the opportunity to stay current on key areas in health and physical education.

SEL Task Force

Provides the field with resources related to incorporating SEL within skills-based health (SBHE) education and physical education.