Health & PE Resources for Parents

Since the pandemic, children and adolescents have experienced increased levels of stress and anxiety, and many schools have begun to place a greater emphasis on social and emotional learning (SEL), which teaches students the skills needed to manage their emotions.

Many students learn about SEL — and other health-enhancing skills — in health and physical education class; however, it’s equally important to emphasize physical activity and healthy habits at home.

For parents and guardians who are juggling multiple demands, the idea of adding one more thing to the daily to-do list can feel overwhelming, but incorporating activity and healthy habits can have positive benefits for the entire family.

Getting to Know Your Child’s PE Program

Does your school value health and physical education as a core subject? Our Parent’s Guide and Program Checklist can help you find out.

More Health & PE Resources for Parents

Watch SHAPE America’s National Standards for K-12 Physical Education video to familiarize yourself with effective physical education practices.
Watch this short Mindful Minute video with your kids to learn a great technique for calming down and clearing your mind.

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